Top 10 Attempts to Imitate ‘Jackass’ that went horribly wrong

JackassThe birth of Jackass in 2002 sent parents, teachers and lawmakers into a bit of a moral panic. Young kids had always done stupid things, but the show created a competitive culture where amateurs were striving to outdo each other in terms of craziness and danger. These antics resulted in many injuries, arrests, and deaths. As MTV fans and impressionable youths alike eagerly await the release of a fourth [ Continue Reading... ]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of New Zealand

Jack of All TradesWomen from New Zealand are admired for their beauty, independence and can-do attitude. A recent poll rated them as the most promiscuous women in the world, but that does not necessarily apply to the women listed here. Here is a look at some of the top 10 most beautiful New Zealand women:  10. Angela DotchinAngela was born in Auckland in 1974 and began to act when she was sixteen years [ Continue Reading... ]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Parsley

ParsleyThe following top 10 health benefits of parsley are the result of the small herb’s high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, among other beneficial substances. The herb, which is characterized by dark, green and tasty leaves in flat and curly varieties, can be used as garnish on dishes, stuffing for grape leaves, and as natural medicine. 10. Breath FreshenerDid you [ Continue Reading... ]

Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men

BremontWatches are more than just a statement of wealth and status. They offer a sense of well-being and self-satisfaction, and a good watch can get you noticed for all the right reason. Below are ten of the best watch brands for men that do not charge an arm and a leg for their pieces. These are in no particular order. We cover a range of brands that capture directional and classic styles; so there’s something [ Continue Reading... ]

Top 10 Benefits of Exercise

exerciseMost of us have the guilty, niggling feeling in the back of our minds that we should be making an effort to be more physically active. So if you are lacking in the motivation department today, here are the top 10 benefits of exercise to inspire you. Some of them may even surprise you...  10. Reduces Your Risk of StrokeIf you can find 30 minutes in your day, 5 days a week, to go for [ Continue Reading... ]