Top 10 Best PC Games of 2013 & 2014

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Playing PC Games is one of the best activities to refresh your mind and to gain focus. Last year saw the release of some of the best PC games of all time such as Assassin’s Creed III, Halo 4, Batman: Arkham City, Fifa 13 and Dishonored just to name a few.

This year, Game developers are trying their best to provide best PC games to the hungry gaming community. Here is a list of some of the best selling pc games for 2014. 

Top 10 Best Selling PC Games 2014 

10. Batman: Arkham Knight for PC
9. Age of Empires III: Complete Collection
8. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
7. World of Warcraft
6. The Forest
5. Civilization III Complete Edition
4. Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection
3. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
1. The Sims 3 Starter Pack

PC Games List 2013: 

10. Star Trek

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

It is based on the 2009 blockbuster movie Star Trek. The main characters Kirk and Spock, played by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in the film will be allowed to play and you can switch between them. A large arsenal of weapon is included and you can unlock more weaponry.

Star Trek will launch for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC on April 23 2013 in North America and  April 26 2013 in Europe. The minimum requirements for this game are yet to be announced.

9. Watch Dogs

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Watch Dog is an open world adventure video game and one of its kind. It centers on the player’s ability to hack into various electronic systems, bank accounts, cell phones to carry out different tasks and missions.

A demo version of the game was released recently and was critically acclaimed. The full version is scheduled to release for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC in the fourth quarter of the year and minimum requirements are not known yet.

8. Dead Space 3

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014


Dead Space 3 is a third-person shooter video game published by Electronics Art. It is the third entry in the Dead Space series and was released on 5 February 2013. It received positive reviews upon is release. The requirements of this game include Windows 7 or higher, 4 GB RAM, 2.13 GHz Processor, 3D Graphics card and 10 GB Hard Disk Space.

7. Tomb Raider

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014
Tomb Raider

It is an action- adventure video game and the fifth entry in the Tomb Raider series. Released on 5  March 2013 for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC, Tomb Raider received universal critical acclaim especially for its graphics and game play.

The minimum requirements of this game are Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, Window XP and 12 GB Hard Disk Space

6. The Elder Scrolls Online

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming multi-player role playing video game developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. Release date is yet to be announced. The game will be set in the Tamriel continent featuring a storyline indirectly connected with the other games.

5. Company of Heroes 2

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014
Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is an upcoming real-time strategy game published by SEGA for Microsoft Windows PC. It is a sequel to the popular 2006’s Company of Heroes. It is scheduled for release on 25 June 2013. The game will be set on World War II.

4. DmC: Devil May Cry

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014
DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC: Devil May Cry is a hack and slash video game published by Capcom for Windows PC, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. It was released on January 25, 2013 and has received positive reviews. The minimum requirements of the game are Windows 7 or 8, 2.8 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 8 GB Hard Disk and HD Graphic card.

3. Bioshock Infinite

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014
Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter video game published by 2K games. It was released for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC on March 26, 2013. It is the third installment in the BioShock series and is highly praised. The minimum requirements of this game are Windows 7, 2 GB RAM, 1024 MB Graphics and 20 GB Hard Disk Space.

2. GTA V

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

GTA V is a highly anticipated upcoming open world action-adventure video game published by Rockstar Games. It is the fifth major and 15th overall  e major in the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto series. It is scheduled for release on 17 September 2013. GTA V will feature more vehicle than in any other GTA game to date including huge variety of cars, trucks, bikes, helicopters, planes, ATVs and jet skies.

1. Crysis 3

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014
Crysis 3

It is a first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek and published by Electronics Art. It is the third game in the Crysis series and was released on 19 February 2013 for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC.

Crysis 3 has received positive reviews and has won  PC Gamer Most Valuable Game, Game Informer Best of Show and Electric Playground Best of E3 awards. The minimum requirements of the game are Windows 7 or 8, 2.4 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, HD Graphic card and 12 GB Hard Disk Space. Crysis 3 is the best PC game of 2013.

Here is a Quarterly Report of the 25 Best PC games. This list is updated frequently.


Top 10 Best Video Games Ever

Over the years, so many video games have come and gone. However, there are a select few that have become classics and will withstand the test of time. These video games will always hold a place in our hearts and help us remember a time in our lives when we used video games as an escape from our daily lives. Occasionally, we will go back to these video games and play them and feel nostalgic about our past. If you’re wondering what these classic video games are, then here’s the top 10 best games ever.


10. Oregon Trail

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

One of the best video games that most people will remember from their childhood is the Oregon Trail. Your goal in this game was to transport your family from Missouri to Oregon by the way of wagon and do so as safely as possible. You had to hunt for food, find supplies, and deal with various hurdles as you traveled west. This was a choose your own adventure type of game where if you took the wrong step your family and wagon party could be in big trouble.


9. Pong

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Pong is argued by some to be the very first video game. It was offered both as an arcade game and a video game sold by Sears in the 70’s. The game had two paddles and used a dotted line for a net. The ball was simply a dot on the screen. This video game was also in black and white and was a lot of fun to play. To move your paddle across the screen, you had to spin your paddle-controller to hit the ball across the net to your opponent. The spinning of the paddle-controller added a certain level of complexity to the game, because it was easy to over spin and exceed the area where the ball would go.


8. Space Invaders

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Space invaders was a game where you used ground-based turrets to annihilate aliens. These space invaders were set up in rows and columns that moved across the screen both horizontally and vertically. Your job was to fire missiles at the aliens and slowly chip away at them until they perished on the screen. This was an extremely popular game in the 70’s and 80’s on popular video game systems such as Atari.


7. Pac-Man

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Pac-Man is probably one of the best-known classic arcade games out there. It involves a little yellow circle that runs across the screen eating dots and fruit while being chased by ghosts. This is a very simple, yet fun game. It is one of the most recognizable games in existence.


6. Tetris

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

The game Tetris deserves its spot in this top 10 list as is one of the most popular puzzle games available. This is a difficult game that uses logic to carefully stack jagged blocks together efficiently. Tetris was well known for converting non-gamers to game enthusiasts. It was the gateway for many to get into the Nintendo and Game Boy video game systems.


5. Super Mario Bros.

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Super Mario Brothers was a game that was released with the initial Nintendo system. It involved two brothers who were Italian plumbers named Mario and Luigi. They worked through magical worlds that were filled with mushroom like creatures and hammer tossing koopas. The goal was to save the Princess from the villain of the game, King Koopa.


4. Solitaire

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Solitaire is the video game that is responsible for companies losing millions in man-hours and dollars to employees playing while work. It’s a game that has been used by many to cure boredom. This game became popular, because it was offered on PC computers for free. It’s something that you can play at work because it was already on your computer.


3. Sonic The Hedgehog

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Sonic the Hedgehog was a popular video game that premiered with the Sega Genesis system. Sonic is a hedgehog that runs through different landscapes collecting rings. He often turns himself into a ball and whips through the screen breaking things. This video game helped launch Sega Genesis as one of the best-selling video game systems in the world.


2. Mortal Kombat

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Mortal Kombat is a side scroll martial arts fighting game. It is well known for its violence and graphic content. When it first premiered, there was an outrage to its bloody fatalities in the game. However, the shock of the game quickly wore off and it became one of the classic video games of the 90’s.


1. Angry Birds

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Believe it or not, Angry Birds wins as one of the top 10 best games ever. Angry Birds has been one of the top sellers in the casual gaming genre. Anybody with a smart phone probably has Angry Birds downloaded and installed on their device. The whole concept of the game is to slingshot wingless birds at pigs that are on various structures. Your objective is to destroy the pigs on the screen so that they do not steal the birds eggs. This video game is another cure for boredom when you are trying to kill time.

As casual gaming takes over, video games like Angry Birds, the top pick of the top 10 best games ever, will continue to grow in popularity because of their accessibility on devices such as smart phones and tablets. The whole video game industry is starting to move away from counsel games and more onto mobile platforms. That’s because video games are a great way to cure boredom or kill time. Having these big games accessible to you in your pocket is the way of the future.

Most Popular Video Games

Are you looking for some new fun videos games? You should learn more about the current best sellers. Best selling videos games are always fun and you can usually find them at discounted prices. Keep reading to learn more about the 10 most popular video games of 2013.


10. ZombiU

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Do you like zombie games? ZombiU takes an interesting approach to the traditional zombie survival scenario. A zombie outbreak occurs in London and the player has to survive thanks to their wits rather than by going on a zombie killing rampage. Once your character dies, it will become a zombie and you might face it with your new character. This game is available on Nintendo consoles and is a very interesting alternative to the traditional zombie game.


9. Spec Ops: The Line

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Spec Ops: The Line is an unusual take on war games. The game is packed with action but also allows you to explore the psyche of a solider who is in emotional pain. The story line is a nice addition to the shooting game and the graphics are breathtaking. You will find yourself quickly immersed into the world of Spec Ops and emotionally attached to the characters.


8. Journey

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Journey plunges players into an amazing world. Players have to travel through a desert to accomplish a quest and will have to help several characters on their way. The world of Journey is very original and you will get the occasion to explore it thoroughly. The graphics of the game are very interesting and the virtual world of Journey is not like anything you have ever seen before. You can play through the game several times and still discover new things thanks to the rich universe of Journey.


7. Escape Plan

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Escape Plan allows you to control two fun characters, Lil and Laarg through several puzzles. If you like dark humor, you will enjoy the funny death scenes that accompany a failure to solve a puzzle. The puzzles are fun and thought-provoking. They are not easy to solve and you will find yourself constantly challenged. This is a fun game for the entire family in spite of the dark humor.


6. Far Cry 3

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Far Cry 3 is one of the best recent games. You do not need to play through the two first games to appreciate Far Cry 3. You will find yourself stranded in a tropical island where you quickly have to adapt in order to survive. The story is well-developed and you will meet a lot of interesting characters. The game is very immersive and you will have a hard time taking a break from it. The game includes a lot of action but you will have plenty of opportunities to explore the tropical world of Far Cry 3.


5.  Mass Effect 3

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Mass Effect 3 resumes where Mass Effect 2 ended. You will get answers to most of your questions and will be able to make moral choices throughout the new adventure of Commander Shepard. You will have a lot of control over the story line and the fate of your character since you get to make moral choices for him. This is a welcome addition to the Mass Effect series and will give you an opportunity to say goodbye to Commander Shepard.


4. Halo 4

Halo 4 has mind-blowing graphics and brings closure to the Halo story line. Halo 4 is action-packed and features a lot of new environments you will get to explore. The graphics have significantly improved since the last game and are very similar to the quality of a movie. It is best to play through the previous Halo games so you can fully appreciate the story line of Halo 4 and grow attached to the characters.


3. Borderlands 2

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Borderlands 2 is even better than the first opus of the series. Borderlands 2 is violent and yet fascinating. This is definitely not a game for children but a mature audience will greatly appreciate the graphics and the humor of this game. Borderlands 2 takes the player back to the planet of Pandora and introduces them to a new bad guy, Handsome Jack. The story line will keep you on your toes and you should expect a lot of action and explosions as well.


2.  XCOM: Enemy Unknown

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a very interesting game thanks to is mix of action and strategy. You will have the opportunity to build your army and command your troops to protect Earth from an alien invasion. You will have to manage your resources smartly, make good decisions and react quickly. This mix of action and strategy make the game unique and will keep you playing for many hours.


1. Dishonored

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Dishonored is number one on our 10 most popular video games list. The game has amazing graphics and is set in an original steam punk world. Your character has been framed for a murder he did not commit and you have to get out of this bad situation by making the right decisions. Every decision you make will impact the story line. You can play the game more than once and the scenario will always be very different. You can choose two modes to defeat your enemies: stealth or combat. Dishonored is one of the best games available at the moment since you can easily turn the story line into your own adventure thanks to the many choices you will be faced with.

These 10 most popular video games are excellent titles. You should try finding demos of these different games so you can test them, or talk to your friends to find out which recent games they enjoy. Most of these games are available on different platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox 350 or Playstation. Make sure the games you are interested in are available on the platform you use or consider upgrading to a more recent console so you can get access to more games. Stay up to date with new popular video games titles since there are always plenty of new good games coming out.


Top 10 Best RPG Games of All Time

RPG or role playing games have entertained gamers for years. From the first Final Fantasy on the Nintendo Entertainment System to the creation of World of Warcraft for the computer RPGs keep gamers engaged. Take a look at the list of top 10 best RPG games of all time. All of these games are highly regarded in the gaming community as very influential and fun to play.


10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released in 2003 and stunned the RPG universe with its amazing gameplay. Through integrating RPG elements and the Star Wars universe this game naturally intrigued all types of gamers. There was much skepticism on whether or not this game would live up to expectations, yet it did and exceeded them. There are three character classes available for players to choose. You may build skills in different categories to enhance your character. Eventually a character may choose a Jedi subclass as well. The actual storyline takes places thousands of years before the events in movies. In this game both Jedi and Sith are evenly matched in numbers in the galaxy.


9-  Final Fantasy Tactics

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Square released Final Fantasy Tactics in 1997. The game helped revitalize the class system in games and gives gamers the choice to freely develop a unique team of their choosing. Classes such as the Knight, Mage, Summoner, Lancer, and Monk are all available. This game is turn based. Players can choose which of their characters to deploy in combat. In order to overcome opponents a player must develop a unique team able to adapt to any tactical situation. Final Fantasy Tactics takes elements from the Final Fantasy franchise and implements them well into a turn based game. The storyline is one of the most intricate of RPGs. Many side quests exists which provides gamers with hours of endless gameplay. As soon as this game was released it instantly made it to the top 10 best RPG games list.


8. Pokemon

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014


Every child growing up in the late 1990’s that played Pokemon was instantly hooked. This game changed the way gamers interacted with RPGs. Gamers were able to capture Pokemon and raise them in a team of up to 6. What made this game fun was the ability to battle and trade Pokemon with friends. Certain Pokemon were only obtainable through interaction with other players. Dozens of versions of this game exist that allows players to trade and battle between them. Pokemon allows for endless amounts of gameplay with the ability to battle against opponents. Nintendo promoted tournaments for this game upon its release rewarding the top competitors with great prizes.


7. Kingdom Hearts

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Integrating the Disney and Final Fantasy world Kingdom Hearts paved the way for action RPGs. In this game you took on the role of Sora, a young boy that was given the powerful KeyBlade weapon. All of the worlds are threatened by the darkness, and along with Donald Duck and Goofy at his side Sora must fight these evil forces. What made this game fun was the fast paced action.


6. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a role playing game that provides gamers with open world elements. This means that you have the ability to do as you wish in the game. You are not required to commit to the storyline. Players have the selection to choose between different races and classes. Actions a player takes effect the world long term. This type of RPG is very entertaining for all types of gamers.


5. EverQuest

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014


EverQuest was released in 1999 in a time when Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games were rare. This game introduced many elements current MMORPGs have today. With the ability to interact with players online and over a dozen of expansions gamers are still kept interested in the game. Everquest is currently on its 19th expansion.


4.  Chrono Trigger

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Square released an instant classic on the Super Nintendo Entertainment Console when Chrono Trigger came out. What this game introduced was the ability to choose options for the story development. The actions the player takes throughout the game determine the ending. There were a total of 23 endings in the game. The music, gameplay, and story were all ahead of its time which made this a one of a kind game of its time.

3. Final Fantasy VII

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Final Fantasy VII established itself as the most impactful RPG on the Sony PlayStation Console. With a captivating story, memorable cutscenes, and highly likable characters many gamers became RPG fans after playing this game. Final Fantasy VII is responsible for getting a lot of RPG lovers hooked to the genre. This game had many side quests and a couple of secret characters to find. There were endless amounts of mini games to play as well. The main protagonist Cloud Strife and main antagonist Sephiroth are both iconic characters in the video game universe.


2. Diablo II

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014


Blizzard hooked a lot of unsuspecting gamers on Diablo II after it was released. The game has horror and dark fantasy themes. There are a total of 7 character classes to choose from. What this game added was the element of percentage drops. Unique and powerful items could be obtained from the rarest or most unsuspecting of places. People actually traded items for real life currency in this game.


1. World of Warcraft

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

World of Warcraft tops the list of best RPG games. This MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) was released in 2004 and took role playing games to a whole new level. Millions of subscribers currently play this game. 4 expansions for this game exist. Players have the choice to choose between two factions, a variety of races, and several classes. What keeps this game alive are guilds people join. Guilds are structured groups of people that strive towards defeating in game bosses as well as forming together in player versus player action. With the amount of people all around the world playing this game it easily ranks as the best among top 10 best RPG games of all time.


Top 10 Best RTS Games

Real time strategy games have always had a serious following ever since they were invented, but they seem to become even more popular with each emerging year. These video games came into being with Brett Sperry’s famous Dune games. His Dune II game was marketed using this term.

RTS games are all war games where participants have to create structures or units during the course of the game or another strategy is controlling different points on a map. In other words gamers have to think outside the box and even confer on different strategies whilst playing the game. This has taken gaming to a new level. It’s not simply playing with what you have but also creating different strategies on your own. This can be compared to what generals and unit leaders have actually done during battles.

Some of these games are even available online where you can play for free. The famous World of Warcraft, for example have held RTS world tournaments for its game Warcraft III ever since its first release in 2002. Every year graphics are getting better on these games and gamers have long enjoyed these games in 3D. Gamers can do research to find out which are the top 10 best RTS games so they know what is new and what is hot.

The following is the top 10 best RTS games list for 2013:


10. World of Warships

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

World of Warships is the third game in the World of War Trilogy. This game is based on battles at sea from the 20th century. The user interface is gamer friendly and the controls are comfortable. There is even an economic system allowing gamers to distribute their resources equally for the three games. The graphics are top notch and even the weather conditions change.


9.  Sins of a Dark Age

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Sins of a Dark Age is a new release from the creators of Sins of a Solar Empire. This game can be played online from wherever you are and you can join the team to get the best out of the action. There are hundreds of options available to choose commanders, heroes and faction with each one having their own function.


8. Salem

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Salem is a great game for multiple players which takes place in New England. Here colonists from the Old World arrive in New England where they try to settle. Players have different powers – farming and crafting, for example. This sets you back into how it could have been when America was first colonized with all its different intrigues, with battles and politics while people are simply trying to forge a life for themselves.


7. Kingdom Under Fire II

Kingdom Under Fire II can be used in MMO and single player format. This is a pure battle game where the scenario obviously are different battlefields. The storylines are also compelling so if gives the game more depth.


6. End of Nations


End of Nations is due for release this spring and is from Trion Worlds. Here there is a global conflict and different nations are involved. This online military RTS game is ground-breaking and users can take sides as well as connecting with different players to be their allies so they can face the enemy together.


5. Command & Conquer: Generals 2


Command & Conquer: Generals 2. Command and Conquer was the ultimate strategy game and has been popular since the beginning of this genre. With Generals 2, the action takes place in the future. All the world leaders congregate in order to sign a treaty to end war on Planet Earth. The action begins with an enormous terrorist attack at the conference which kills all of the world leaders and politicians there before the treaty was signed. With everyone gone, it is up to the Generals to clean up and destroy terrorism forever.


4. Starcraft II: Protoss, Legacy of the Void

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014


Starcraft II: Protoss, Legacy of the Void. This is the game which every Star Craft gamer was waiting for and is the sequel of the Star Craft game from 2007. Well the wait was definitely worth it and the creators, Blizzard have done a stellar job. While gamers are familiar with the characters and concept, Starcraft II has incredible customized graphics in 3D of course. The wait is over and fans are more than happy.


3. Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is again a much anticipated RTS game this year. It is the sequel of the original Company of Heroes game from 2006 and has been developed by Relec Entertainment (now taken over by Sega). This sequel is also set in World War II but this time it focusses on the Eastern Front campaigns such as the Battle of Berlin. Weather conditions also change here and players have to contend with deep snow and frozen lakes, etc.


2. Total War: Rome II


Total War: Rome II is yet another sequel where this Sega game gives you huge real-time battles with cinematic efficiency. This game is based on the Roman Republic but with the option to change it into the Holy Roman Empire. You will be the first superpower to command this ancient war machine. You can also use all military forces but also political and economic means to attain victory. We already know that the campaign map, featured in the original game, will be a lot larger this time around. It is due out in September and is eagerly awaited. Already the rights for a series of books based on Rome II have been purchased by MacMillan.


1. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is number two in a trilogy and is from Blizzard Entertainment. This game continues the Wings of Liberty story and has been eagerly awaited. The game still follows Sarah Kerrigan as she tries to control the swarm. The familiar Zerg race is present and the Terrans with Sarah’s nemesis, Arcturus Mengsk. You will also find new multiplayer units as well as new features in order to enhance your online gaming experience.

The above are the top 10 best RTS games for 2013. As you can see, many are sequels and because of this the anticipation is huge. Players know the original game intimately and eagerly await playing a new game in the same series. All in all, 2013 is a great year for RTS games.


Top 10 Best Selling Playstation 3 Games

PlayStation 4 still commands a lot of headlines months after it’s official reveal but that doesn’t mean that our beloved PS3, is suddenly obsolete. Judging from the length of time that Sony kept supporting the PS2, around 13 years, it is safe to say that there is a quite good chance that PlayStation 3 will keep flourishing. Not to mention you can still contact PlayStation support for any kind of technical issues or for your general PlayStation questions.

Unfortunately PlayStation 3 had a bit tough start with a weak library. Yet, it easily found an audience with those who wanted a all-in-one Blu-ray player device. PS3 became simply a must-have machine after the library expanded. The PlayStation 3 is probably the greatest console on Earth. But what is a console without the games? Lucky for console gamers there are a lot of amazing games. But since it may be not easy to find them or to figure which one is better.

Here are the Top 10 bestselling games for PS3


10. Anarchy Reigns

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Anarchy Reigns, is set in a dark post-apocalyptic world where cyber technology is the rule and an enhanced special team oversees a wrecked city plagued by hulking, reptilians mutants and gangs. There’s a story player mode where you use one of two main characters, but the real excitement come in the multiplayer mode where you can fight against up to 15 players in last-person-standing arenas that are filled with kicks, punches, special moves, random environmental events, multi-level stages and hijacked vehicles.


9. Batman: Arkham City

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Batman: Arkham City, Batman returns to action in Arkham City, the action packed, smart follow up to Arkham Asylum. Arkham City builds on Arkham Asylum’s decent foundation by adding new Bat gadgets, various melee attacks and more detective work. If you enjoyed the first game, then there is no doubt you will love Arkham City.


8. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3, the latest first-person shooter from DICE puts players in the role of marines who battle opposing forces in cities like Paris, Tehran and New York. Destructible environments, controllable vehicles, incredible animations and dynamic audio made Battlefield 3 a must have game for FPS fans.


7. Dishonoured

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Dishonoured, is an amazing game that puts players in a world of stealth and murder and it’s definitely worth to check no matter your desired genre.


6. Red Dead Redemption

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Red Dead Redemption, coming from nowhere to collect various industry awards, RDR was a surprise hit. If you like cowboys, westerns and guns then Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games, if not the best in the action genre.


5. Mass Effect 3

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Mass Effect 3, picks up where ME 2 left off. Packed with action, customizability, character development, Mass Effect 3 is simply a great game and a worthy successor.


4.  L.A. Noire

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

L.A. Noire is a different combination of investigation, open-world exploring, combat, driving and 1940s Los Angeles. It’s an interesting look at recent history, with some innovative animations adding to the sense of history and realism.


3. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken features 40 fighters representing different sections of martial arts ranging from wrestling to boxing Kung Fu to MMA. If you fancy fighters and fighting games, Tekken is your game.


2. Uncharted 3

Uncharted 3, Nathan Drake returns to swashbuckling action in Drake’s Deception, featuring stereoscopic 3D, interactive cinematic and online multiplayer, Uncharted 3 is a must-have game.


1. Shadow of the Colossus

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Shadow of the Colossus, return to action in a PS3 pack that features full stereoscopic 3D, 7.1 surround sound and HD visuals. The game also includes exclusive “making of” videos.

Feel free to contact PlayStation support if you have any questions about SotC PS3 pack.


Top 10 Xbox 360 Games


The gaming world has come quite a long way from PacMan and Pong. With advanced platforms such as the Xbox 360, today’s games feature startling movie-like graphics, life-like sound effects, and the ability to interact with people all over the globe. With so many great games to chose from out there, it can be hard to prioritize which ones are the best. Here is a list of the Top 10 Xbox 360 games for those who have just purchased this amazing gaming platform.


10. Bioshock Infinite

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

This is the latest in the popular Bioshock series. This time the setting is a city in the clouds and not the ocean, and the hero must rescue the damsel held captive. The story line is great with the action and game play being even better. This game delivers in about every aspect of the experience.

9. Grand Theft Auto IV

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

No list of top 10 Xbox 360 games would be complete without an installment of the cult Grand Theft Auto series. Even though this is an older title, it still has that effect of being immersed in a movie with very detailed effects. I would not recommended this for kids due to the graphic nature of the game; however, for mature adults it is a blast!

8. The Orange Box

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

This one wins the title for best value, with five awesome games in one package. The “Orange Box” is packed with the following titles: (1) Half Life 2, (2) Half Life 2 Episode One, (3) Half Life 2 Episode Two, (4) Portal, and (5) Team Fortress 2. Half Life fans will be thrilled, and when tired of all the Half Life action they can move on to two different first person shooters.

7. Mass Effect 2

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

This is a really cool science fiction game takes place as humanity explores the edge of the galaxy and runs into some not-too-friendly alien life forms which it must contend with. The game is a third person shooter and role playing game where the storyline can take you in a number of different directions depending on your choices. This one is a lot more dynamic than most action games as there is a lot more strategy in picking the types of weapons against a variety of enemy armors, shields and defenses.

6. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

A must for the Dungeons and Dragons fans who want to be totally immersed in a fantasy role-playing adventure. The attention to detail in this game is amazing not to mention the stunning scenery. The big danger with this game is that one could become so immersed in it, you just might not realize how much time has passed.

5. Red Dead Redemption

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

For those who are fans of good old fashioned westerns, this is the game for you. In this game you play the role of John Marston whose family is kidnapped by the government to get him to pursue his old gang. It might not seem as engaging as some futuristic sci-fi drama, but it the game is so dynamic that even people who are not western fans will likely find themselves enjoying it.

4. Portal 2

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

If you got the Orange Box listed above, you got a taste of this game with Portal. This continues the first person adventure of Chell who is trying to escape confinement in Aperture Laboratories using a unique portal gun which allows her to create passages through solid objects. For those who like puzzles and mind games, this is the game for you. It is very challenging and fun at the same time. What is unique to this game is there is a high level of humor injected into the storyline.

3. Batman: Arkham City

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

Take on all of Batman’s classic enemies as the Dark Knight enters the world of Arkham City, a walled off section of Gotham City where the city’s worst criminals are isolated. This game has a little bit of everything, from great graphics, an interesting storyline, cool action, and the occasional puzzle that needs to be solved. Classic comic fans will love this.

2. Gears of War

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

A good realistic modern combat simulator is a must for any video game fan. Here it was a tough choice between Gears of War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Both are great games, but unless you are playing in multi-player mode, Call of Duty can get rather boring. Gears of War has more unique campaigns which can keep you engaged for quite a while.

1. Halo 4

 Top 10 Best PC Games of  2013 & 2014

This is the latest sequel to the original hit that launched the Xbox platform. In this science fiction shooter, the hero is stranded on an alien world and has to fight for his survival. The action graphics and sound are detailed and flawless. This is simply a lot of fun!

This concludes my list of the top 10 Xbox 360 games. There are many other great titles that merit honorable mention, but I believe the ten listed above to be the cream of the crop.



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