Top 10 Richest Female Singers of 2013

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Getting famous in not easy but once you get it and get rewarded in the form of earning that all the hard work becomes worth it. Being talented is once heck of a blessing but when ones talent brings some easy money then it calls for a celebration. When we hear the term signing a lot of singers immediately pop in to our minds but there are hardly a few singers for whom their passion and talent turned in to a money bank, a mere resource that made them one of the richest singers of the world. Who says women cannot compete with men? For sure they can, look at all the successful female singers that have outclassed everyone, they rule the hearts of millions of fans and will always be someone to look up to, since I am a music fan myself I will now tell you people about the top 10 richest female singers of the world who are not just talented but beautiful performers and have an amazing voice.


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10. Tina Turner

Tina is 72 years old and very very successful but her talent is still active and young, she has a smooth career of 50 years. Her wealth is 350 million dollars and she has sold 180 million companies around the globe. Her sound track “private dancer” and “Let’s stay together” she began singing professionally with her husband.


9. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is 45 years old. She is well known for her contemporary music; Janet Jackson has sold around 100 million records. The recording industry association of America (RIAA) listed her as the eleventh bestselling artist in the United States.Her wealth is 360 million dollars.


8. Beyonce


The young and beautiful Beyonce, she is from the United States of America aged 30 this female singer has a huge number of fans, at this age she is a millionaire and has sold about 75 million tracks, her total current wealth is 390 million dollars and this makes her the 8th top richest female singer of the world. She is also a producer and actor apart from being a singer.


7. Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki

She is one of Japan’s most popular singer, she is 33 years old, her wealth is estimated about 400 million dollars. She has sold above 50 million records in Japan.


6. Cher


The amazing goddess of pop, Cher is a 67 year old yet still ruling the world of music and the best part is that her records are still being sold. She is the sixth richest female singer and her wealth is in 450 million dollars. She also happens to be a producer director, actress and a singer too.


5. Britney Spears

This 30 year old singer definitely knows how to stay in the lime light, controversies never seem to leave Britney and yet she manages to be so successful. She has been appearing on screen since childhood as a singer an actor, Britney has sold about 100 million albums, and she has sold 33 million certified albums.

4. Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The singer of the most famous song that was featured for the film titanic, “my heart will go on” Celine is a 44 year old; Celine Dion has a wealth of 600 million dollars.


3. Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

Barbara owns 15 awards; she has also won the black lady in the Oscars. Her age is 70 and yet she has managed to maintain her charm which will never vanish from the hearts of her fans. She owns about 650 million dollars.


2. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Just like Madonna, Mariah Carey is no less; she has given gift of 200 million tracks to her fans throughout the world. She is 42 and yet a beautiful singer. She holds a wealth of about 750 million dollars up till now. She doesn’t just happen to be a singer it turns out that the gorgeous Mariah also is a lyricist and a produce and an actress. She has been ruling the song industry since decades,. This makes Mariah one of the best music artists of all time.


1. Madonna


Queen Madonna tops the list, who could have a doubt anyway? She is one the most talented singer’s one will ever come across. This woman has taken the music industry by storm, she is a billionaire, that’s not surprising is it because she deserves it. Till now Madonna has released about 300 million records out of which 200 million are in the hearts of her fans. She is talented by nature and also knows song writing and acting.She even got listed in the Guinness world of book records as the top selling female recordings.

Thanks to these singers the world of music has literally changed and gotten a lot better.

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