Top 10 Best Cartoon Characters of All Time

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Most people with access to a television set grew up watching cartoons. Television has even evolved to modern times with adult leaning cartoons such as the Simpsons. Here my list of the top 10 best cartoon characters of all time.


10. Eric Cartman

Not every cartoon character is appropriate for children. This character from South Park definitely comes from a new generation of characters tailored towards more mature audiences; or should we say immature teenagers? Cartman typifies the rebellious politically incorrect loudmouth child that people probably remember from school. Many times he says what we are thinking, but would never dare to say out loud. That is probably what endears him to many people, while at the same time horrifies others.


9. Goku


The medium of cartoon has become truly international, and the Japanese have created a whole genre of cartoon referred to as anime. Goku is perhaps the best known anime character in the world as the martial arts hero in the popular series Dragon Ball Z. He is a boy from another planet with super strength who has come to find 7 Dragon Balls. He has become a modern staple during Saturday morning cartoons across the world.


8. Fred Flintstone

Fred’s “Wilmaaaaa!!!” is probably one of the most recognizable cartoon cries. He represents the stereotypical married man, in a not so stereotypical time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The series quite creatively depicts what the planet might look like if humans lived alongside dinosaurs, using them as machines and driving around in cars started by human foot power.


7. Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin

Stewie is not your average baby. From the earliest moments this Family Guy character is plotting to control the world, that is if he can get his diaper changed first. How can one not adore the cute little baby even though he has a penchant for psychopathy and that Dr. Evil voice?


6. Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

This adorable canine is another cartoon character most of us grew up with. Scooby would tag along with a bunch of young people solving various mysteries, constantly getting into trouble with his best friend Shaggy. You could always tell when they were in trouble from that memorable “Rught Ro!” line that came out of his mouth.


5. Tom

This is the unfortunate cat from “Tom and Jerry” was constantly getting into trouble chasing after the diminutive mouse Jerry. This rivalry left such a stamp on cartoon lore that it is even imitated in other cartoons. Watchers of the Simpson will no doubt recognize the “Itchy and Scratchy” show which Bart and Lisa watch as an extreme takeoff on the Tom and Jerry show.


4. Wile E. Coyote

wile e. coyote

The Road Runner versus Wile E. Coyote ranks up there with Tom and Jerry as one of the most famous cartoon rivalries in history. Like with Tom and Jerry, it was difficult to decide which of the iconic characters to include here. However, Wile E. Coyote deserves to win at least once given that every one of his schemes to catch the Road Runner seemed to end quite badly for him. But at least he profited the Acme company which seemed to provide him with all the gadgets that ended up backfiring on him.


3. Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny

“What’s up doc?” I do not probably have to tell anyone reading that phrase where it comes from. This Loonie Toons character always seems to outwit all who tangle with him, and he seems to always do it with a sense of humor. This character will probably remain timeless for many generations.


2. Homer Simpson

Homer is without a doubt the best known of the modern cartoon characters. The Simpsons was one of the very first popular cartoons geared at adults satirizing all sorts of aspects of modern life. There is no subject too taboo for the Simpsons to take on, and witless Homer seems to always be stepping into the most uncomfortable and ridiculous situations – “Dough!”


1. Mickey Mouse

This Disney character is the most recognizable cartoon character on the planet and tops my list of top 10 best cartoon characters of all time. Created in 1928, he was entertaining audiences seemingly from the very birth of the medium. In fact, may people think of Mickey Mouse as being synonymous with the Disney brand. Appropriately enough, he is the only cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I am sure there are many great characters that I left out such as Popeye, Donald Duck, Charlie Brown, and Winnie the Pooh. I am sure everyone has their favorites. However I believe many fans will agree that most of those listed above in top top 10 best cartoon characters of all time deserve special recognition when it comes to the pinnacle of cartoon stardom.

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