Top 10 Piano Brands in the World

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One of the wonderful things about a piano is that all of us young or old have an opportunity to be able to connect with music through our piano lessons. The top 10 best piano brands based on the number of users, their quality, and recommendations by people who have played on them.

Which one is the good for you. The best piano brands in the world are…

10. Fazioli

top piano brands

Fazioli piano manufacturing company comes from Sacile Italy and was derived from the music enthusiast Paolo Fazioli. He began to create pianos in 1978 working with a team of wood technologists, technicians, mathematicians, and physicists.

After spending time and going through a series of developments, he founded his company with the aim of highlighting grand pianos. His company produces some of the largest pianos in today’s market.


9. Bechstein

bechstein upright piano


This Bechstein piano is one of the favorites of prominent pianists who perform in concerts and play in recording studios. The company was created in Germany back in 1853. They sell grand pianos and the best upright pianos. The company suffered great losses during the first and second world war but then made a huge comeback. Famous people such as Elton John, Freddie Mercury, and the Beatles have all been followers of this famous piano brand.


8. Charles Walter

charles walter upright piano

The Charles Walter piano company is American made, and they actually cater to the individual’s preference and personality. They are known for the quality woods that they use which you can keep for many years at home, and leave to your next generation as a legacy. These pianos have the overall package when it comes to cosmetic desirability and cabinet quality.

They provide different styles and types of piano ranging from contemporary such as studio oak that are usually used in schools and churches to traditional. This company’s concept of technology and application puts it among one of the most advanced that also caters to our younger generations.


7. Stuart & Sons

Stuart and Sons Grand Piano

These pianos are not just any ordinary piano. They have assets and peculiar characteristics that set them apart and compete with the others. This piano has more keys than the standard 14 keys. This allows for lower and higher notes which are integrated in most of the grand pianos.

Stuart & Sons upright pianos are known as the world’s best because of their handcrafted, innovative, and total uniqueness qualities. They are in the expensive range because they are handcrafted and were not machined through a speedy manufacturing process for the mass market.


6. Kawai

kawai piano upright

Kawai is known for their production of acoustic and digital pianos throughout the United States and Canada. However they actually originated in Japan, and its founder was born and raised there. They have been producing pianos for over 80 years and have gained the reputation as a producer of world-class pianos and musical instruments. You can expect to find the finest quality and excellence when it comes to this piano.


5. Mason & Hamlin

mason hamlin upright piano

Mason & Hamlin piano company is based out of Haverhill, Massachusetts. The company has been manufacturing pianos since 1883 and a high standard of quality is followed for production which is based on models that are presented in the market.


4. Baldwin

baldwin piano

Baldwin piano company is another American made product that became popular for its detailed craftsmanship and quality. They have been in business since 1860. Working out of Nashville Tennessee it is one of the biggest keyboard instrument and piano makers in the U.S.


3. Yamaha

yamaha upright piano

Yamaha piano company provides the opportunity for everyone who wishes to learn to play a reality. It is produced and supplied to different countries throughout Asia and on other continents. The only drawback for this product is a somewhat shorter lifespan compared to handcrafted pianos that are found in Europe and also America.


2. Boesendorfer

bosendorfer upright piano

This piano company was created in Vienna Austria back in 1828 and has been producing handcrafted pianos ever since. It is one of the most popular when it comes down to grand piano collections and luxury. Boesendorfer is the oldest manufacturer of pianos in today’s market.


1. Steinway & Sons

steinway & sons upright piano

Here we have number one in the top 10 piano brands of the world. This is one of the best upright piano brands created by Henry Steinway in New York back in 1853. It’s fame continues to this day. Various awards from Paris, New York, and other institutions have been given to their quality of pianos.

The pianos that they continue to produce today consistently continue to pass all standards.  This piano brand is also the most expensive piano in the world purchased in 1970 by John Lennon which was later sold at an auction to George Michael for $2.1 million US dollars.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished piano player or just starting out, this list of piano brands can help you in making your decision that will fit your lifestyle the best.

Things to ask before buying a used piano

1. Why Are They Selling the Piano?
2. How Often Was the Piano Being Tuned?
3. Who Performed Maintenance on the Piano?
4. Where Has the Piano Been Stored?
5. Has the Piano Been Moved Around A Lot?
6. Who Was Playing the Piano?
7. How Often Was the Piano In Use?
8. Who Were the Previous Owners?

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