Top 10 Muscle Building Foods

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Whenever you write or speak about the best of anything, or the top ten of anything like the title of this article “my top 10 muscle building foods” it is important to remember that my favorite things will not necessarily be your favorite things. Some foods are particularly good at muscle building and some are not – my list may include some of your favorites and then again I may have left some out.

That’s why I’ll say once more; this is “My Top 10 Muscle Building Foods”.
Let’s start at #10 and work down;

10. Quinoa


top foods for protein










This fantastic South American grain is a regular protein packed powerhouse, and because it’s full of protein it also has the nine essential amino acids too. Quinoa as far as the Incas were concerned was the true mother of all known grains and they certainly knew a thing or two. Quinoa is included in my top 10 muscle building foods particularly for those who don’t eat meat as it makes a terrific alternative.


9. Almonds


Almonds are another one of nature’s wonders bursting with protein. Nibbling on around ¼ of a cup will provide you with almost 8 grams of protein which is actually more protein than can be found in many eggs. There are other benefits to eating almonds; they’ve also got more than their fair share of magnesium and monounsaturated fats which are perfect for a healthy heart.


8. Cottage Cheese

Not just for Grandmothers who want to lose weight (or maybe that was just mine) – lots of bodybuilders swear by cottage cheese as a terrific muscle building food. Take a look on the pot label if you don’t believe me – choose any fat free or low fat cottage cheese and see for yourself. There’s a staggering 14 grams of fabulous protein to be found in half a cup yet only 80 calories and a minimal amount of fat. Grandmother certainly knew what she was doing.


7. Oysters


Oysters are a little bit of a secret specialty which bodybuilders and weightlifters try keeping to themselves. Just 100 grams of Pacific Oysters (cooked) provides a staggering 20 grams worth of protein yet just 5 grams of fat. They are also great providers of zinc, an essential mineral for the synthesis of protein, and that’s why oysters definitely deserve a place in my list of top 10 muscle building foods.


6. Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk

We all know that milk is essential for body growth which is why babies and kids are encouraged to drink so much of the stuff, but milk is also important for adults and terrific for muscle building. Milk has all of those essential amino acids although skimmed milk contains very little fat. Milk is also terrific for muscles because it’s great for mixing with whey protein.


5. Ground Lean Beef

Ground Lean Beef

Red meat is a fabulous source of protein although many people tend to avoid red meats because they are, erm, well they are red. Lean ground beef deserves a place on my list of top 10 muscle building foods because there are more than 27 grams of protein per 100 gram serving. Okay, so each serving may also contain more than 200 calories and 11 or 12 grams of fat but there are also plenty of minerals and vitamins in there which are essential for an active, healthy body.


4. Soy

Soy is an excellent source of protein and fabulous muscle building food. It really makes no difference whether you have soy milk, tofu or edamame, the benefits are still the same. This is definitely the richest of all plant sources when it comes to muscle building, it’s the king of the muscle building plants.

Soy is packed with a whole bunch of great stuff – cooked soybeans have more than 20 grams of those essential amino acids plus tons of other minerals and vitamins. This is definitely one of the most efficient and health muscle building foods you can find which is why it’s close to the top of the list of all time top ten muscle building foods.


3. Eggs


There’s no escaping the fact that eggs are a muscle building genius. They’ve just got so much going for them. Eggs are easy to prepare, they can be cooked in minutes, they are delicious, they are great fun and are one of the major basic ingredients for any muscle building dude. Eggs are one of nature’s convenience foods, conveniently packaged and crammed with 5 or 6 grams of protein for only 60 or so calories. It’s not just the quantity of the egg protein which makes them fantastic for muscle building, it’s also the quality. The protein found in eggs is readily usable; eggs are simply the best value protein food that nature can provide.


2. Chicken



 Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, egg came in at #3 in the list of top ten muscle building foods and chicken at #2 so sort that one out for yourselves. Chicken is the basic, the staple, the foundation of many body building diets – just a 100 gram serving provides a hearty 31 grams of protein and a minimal amount of fat, only 4 grams. This is the best protein to fat ratio by far. So what else does chicken have going for it? It’s delicious, it’s versatile and it’s incredibly affordable.


1. Fish

cooked fish


Fish has to sit at the top of the top ten muscle buildings foods because it really is the king of the heap. Nobody can knock fish off the Perch . . . sorry! Let’s look at salmon as just one example. This is not just a powerhouse packed with protein with around 25 grams of protein per 100 gram serving; it’s also got lots of other great ingredients too which are vital for health and vitality.

Monounsaturated plus omega 3 fatty acids immediately spring to mind, essential for a healthy heart and available in abundance in salmon. Salmon also has tons of vitamin D. When we’re talking the best foods for body building fish certainly tops the list, and when we’re talking fish – salmon and tuna are the best you can get.


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