Top 10 Best Guitars of All Time

Warlock by B.C. Rich

Guitars have been known to give music some rhythm and add a great sound. There are many types of guitars that create different sounds and are used for specific musical genres. The top ten guitars have been narrowed down. Here are the top ten lists of best guitars:


10. Stratocaster by Fender


This electric guitar was created by Freddie Tavarse, George Fullerton, and Leo Fender in the year of 1954 and it is the most famous and also considered one of the best guitars in the world. It has an alder body, an active boost, noiseless pickups and it has a twangy sound. The Stratocaster has been used by such greats like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Buddy Holly and Eric Clapton.


9. The Suhr Classic

Suhr Classic

The Suhr guitar was custom made by John Suhr in 1984. It has been an asymmetrical body and an innovative neck heel. The Suhr guitar has been used in musical genres such as metal, fusion, rock, jazz, pop, country, and the blues. Some known artist such as Reb Beach and Alice Cooper play this guitar.


8. Warlock by B.C. Rich

Warlock by B.C. Rich

In 1969 Bernardo Chavez Rico designed this electric guitar. The Warlock guitar has a jagged shape body, beast headstock, two humbucker pickups, and a rosewood neck. This is the best guitar for metal, because of its metallic and wicked sounds. The Warlock has a lot of attitude and it is one of the best guitars that are known to represent metal and rock. Artists such as Lita Ford, Paul Stanley and Mick Mars are known to play this electric guitar. The Warlock are the best guitars for metal and fusion.


7. The Gibson Flying V

The Gibson Flying V

Ted McCarty was a fan of the 1950’s Cadillac and Chrysler cars, which had v shaped tailfins. This is where he came up with the V shape design for the body of The Gibson Flying V guitar. It is the most recognizable guitars of rock and roll. At the beginning, the guitar did not really sell much. The dealers at the time felt the guitar was too out there and more of a space age type. Kirk Hammet from Metallica helped boost the attraction and popularity of this metal guitar. Rockers like Lenny Kravitz, Eddie Van Halen and Grace Potter are known to use this guitar in their performance. The Gibson Flying V is used in almost every music genre like the blues, metal, country and punk music.


6. Telecaster by Fender

 Telecaster by Fender

A small business in California introduced the Fender Electrical guitars. Leo Fender improved on the original to make the Broadcaster. There were some legal issues and Leo had to rename the Broadcaster to the Telecaster. It is seen as one of the finest guitars ever made and the guitar has a light bluesy tone. The Telecaster is mostly used din the country, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll music genres. This guitar has been connected to Keith Richards, Jonny Greenwood, Clash’s Joe Strummer and Chrissie Hyde. It is their signature guitar. Anyone who’s played this guitar describes the wonderful sounds in a passionate fashion. 


5. Es-335 by Epiphone

Es-335 by Epiphone

The Es-335 was designed in 1958 in the Gibson and Epiphone factory that is located in Kalamazoo, Maine. When the guitar was first design, it was thought that it would be mostly used by Jazz players. Instead, it became popular and was embraced by rhythm and blues, rock and country guitarist. Not only was it popular in the U.S., it was also popular in the United Kingdom. In the center of the guitar runs a maple wood block. The wings on the side are hollow. In the top of the guitar there are two violin style f-holes over the hollow chambers.


4. The Rickenbacker 381V69

The Rickenbacker 381V69

The Rickenbacker was designed in 1957. It is hand carved with an arch top and back. The Rickenbacker is called by collectors as the tulip and butterfly style guitar. The extension between the patent head and the body is known as the neck-through-body construction. The guitar was used by the famous Beetles. John Lennon had played the original Rickenbacker guitar in his concerts and in the recording studios, until 1964.The Heartbreakers, Tom Petty and R.E.M used the Rickenbacker in the 1960’s. 


3. The Gretsch White Falcon

The Gretsch White Falcon

The Gretsch White Falcon guitar was designed by Jimmie Webster in 1954. It has a 17 inch wide body and has a luminous white and gold sparkle finish and it has a beautifully designed jeweled knobs. The tailpiece has a V shape like the Cadillac logo and the pickguard is gold with a flying falcon engraved in it. This White Falcon guitar has a horizontal headstock logo that is covered in gold sparkle. It is a very luxurious and fancy guitar. Neil Young played the White Falcon guitar in 2009.


2. Gibson Firebird

Gibson Firebird

Ted McCarty had brought in a car designer by the name Roy Dietrich to help design a new guitar that could compete with the Fender. Ray rounded the edges of the Explorer design a bit and added a single wood piece to both the neck and body. He glued two wings on it and made the right hand horn of the body, which was backwards, longer than the right the other side of it. The neck and body were made out of mahogany wood and had banjo tuners on the treble side with humbucking pickups. It has a dark punchy tone when played. Bluesmen artists like Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, and Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown played this guitar. There are rockers like Brian Jones, Dave Grohl, and Warren Hayes who also play the Gibson Firebird guitar. 


1. Les Paul Standard by Gibson

Les Paul Standard by Gibson

One of the best guitars and the number one on the list is the Les Paul Standard guitar by Gibson. The guitar was designed by both Ted McCarty and Les Paul. The neck of the Les Paul guitar is made of Mahogany wood with a compound of radius Rosewood fingerboard and it has an asymmetrical slim taper profile. The guitar has a rich and clear tone with a smooth sound. The Les Paul logo is on the headstock. Joe Perry of Aerosmith has played this guitar. Ace Frehley from kiss, Billy Gibson of ZZ Top and Eric Clapton have played this guitar as well. This is considered one of the best guitars in the world.