Top 10 Cheapest Android Phones You Can Find Without A Contract

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Are you trying to find a great Android phone without getting locked down into a contract? We have gathered our top 10 cheapest android phones to help you save money and still get a great phone. We will countdown from our highest priced candidate, which might surprise you, to our lowest cost phone. Are you ready to get started?


10. HTC Wildfire S

htc wildfire s

We were not expecting HTC to be the most expensive of our choices, but we must admit the Wildfire S is a great phone. You can find the Wildfire online for $190. The phone is bundled with Android 2.3 and has a nice 3.2″ LCD screen and 5-megapixel camera.


9. Samsung Galaxy Appeal

Samsung Galaxy Appeal

Samsung is the brand we expected to be our most expensive phone. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover you can latch on to a high-quality Galaxy Appeal for $127. The Appeal uses Android 2.3, has a side-slider keyboard, a 3.2″ screen, and 3-megapixel camera. If you have your heart set on Samsung, you need to hang around until our next choice.


8. Samsung Admire

Samsung Admire

 We have to admit there is not much difference in price between our two Samsung phones. The Admire hits the market at $120, only $7 under the Appeal. That extra $7 must be for the side-slider keyboard, because otherwise these two phones are nearly the same. If you will never use the keyboard, save yourself $7 and get the Admire.


7. T-Mobile Prism

T-Mobile Prism

T-Mobile managed to keep one of their phones at a low enough price to make our list. Their Prism sports a 3.5″ screen, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and a 3.2-megapixel rear-facing camera. It is one of the best-looking phones in the group, so make sure you do not overlook it.


6. Motorola Droid A855

Motorola Droid A855

Does this entry surprise you? Motorola actually managed to sneak two phones into our list, so keep your eyes open. The Droid A855 is priced at $85.99 making it our first sub-hundred dollar phone. The A855 has a full QWERTY keyboard making it great for those of us that still fumble on a touch-screen.


5. LG Optimus

LG Optimus

LG is another company who managed to drop 2 phones into our list. The LG Optimus is priced at $79.99 and has Android 2.2 preloaded. The Optimus has a top quality 3.2″ screen and implements LG’s Swype touch technology. The biggest negative we spot on this phone is the slightly outdated version of Android. You should check with LG on the ability to upgrade the OS before buying.


4. Motorola Citrus WX445

Motorola Citrus WX445

Our second Motorola phone deserves to be on this list. The Citrus WX445 is crippled with Android 2.1 and has a 3″ screen making it the smallest screen and oldest OS in our list so far. AT a price of $67.95, we highly recommend choosing a different phone with an updated version of Android and slightly better hardware features. We left it in our top 10 cheapest Android phones list based on price,not features.


3. LG 35G

LG 35G

LG makes their second leap onto our list at number three a very surprising location to find the highly-touted LG brand. The LG 35G has Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 3.5″ screen, 3.2-megapixel camera and a nice appearance. The phone is not as feature rich as some of the higher priced phones but is a solid reliable phone that works great. If you need a phone for under $50, the LG 35G is a steal.


2. PCD Chaser

PCD Chaser

Our last two entries come from the same company. PCD may not be a highly recognized name for most of us, but they do produce solid products for Virgin Mobile. The PCD Chaser is a great example. The phone has Android 2.3, a 3.2″ screen, 3-megapixel camera, and an 800mhz processor. It is a solid performer for a dirt-cheap price of $49.00.


1. PCD Venture

PCD Venture

The winner on price is the PCD Venture. This phone is most commonly found on no contract bundles from Virgin Mobile. It comes with Android 2.3 but only has a 2.8″ screen, but for a good reason. The screen size is reduced to make room for a full QWERTY keyboard, which is a real shocker for a phone priced at $47.

Which phone is right for you? You will have to decide that for yourself. All of the phones in our top 10 cheapest Android phones list are good candidates with the exception of the Motorola Citrus that we give low marks for Android 2.1. Our best advice is to compare features for the price you wish to target and then make your purchase. It is hard to go wrong at these low prices.

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