Top 10 Greatest Inventions of 21st Century

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Below we take a look at Top 10 Greatest Inventions of 21st Century.


10. Robotics


Although a fairly new idea, robotics have already begin to surface as the new form of industrialization, however, in the coming days this will be commonly used and as such will be one of the most important of all 21st century inventions. By the end of this particular century it is predicted that robots will be such a commonplace that they will not only be in every single home but that they will be capable of performing pretty much everything imaginable. From the typical house chore to military level activities robots will be well programmed to function as any other human being. They will be as smart as they are programmed to be but will still need humans for programming and repairing services.


9. Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

This is one of the areas of 21st century inventions that will be setting the medical field ablaze in terms of altering genes and other DNA strands associated with physical appearance, and much more. Although there are signs that are beginning to appear showing tests are already in the works to improve such technologies and methods some of the futuristic ways that could very well be changed are the ways in which plastic surgery is conducted and what can be done, halting the aging process, and much more. One specific area regarding this particular topic will allow parents to decide a baby’s gender and other features of the baby including eye and hair color, as well as how intelligent they will be.


8. Hypersonic Transportation

 Hypersonic Transportation

 After the Wright brothers made the discovery of flight there had been increased improvements made to the way that man travels through the air in order to get to their destinations. While each of the previous centuries have produced steady increases in the rate of speed it takes to get from one point on the map to another it is predicted that 21st century inventions will yet again make another increase in the amount of speed it takes to get someone where they are going much quicker. So what does all this mean exactly? Basically this means that it will take a passenger less time on an airplane to get to their destination then it would have in the days of old.


7. Free Energy

Free Energy
Another one of the 21st century inventions that will be around by century’s end will be free energy. As it stands right now energy is produced with resources such as coal, oil, and even natural gas. however, in the future there will be several other ways through which energy will be produced and furthermore by using resources such as clean coal, wind, and biomass energy will help promote more environmental awareness. Even more will be the emergence of technologies that will generate energy that is non-polluting, and an inexhaustible resource. Two specific generators that will be used in creating energy are the fusion and zero-point generators. Although this is considered to be fantasy to many nuclear power is a prime example of what could be in the future.


6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

 When it comes to the way that robots and other similar machinery is able to perform various tasks artificial intelligence will prove to be the key factor behind what can be done. While scientists are in the process of perfecting this invention there will be several other 21st century inventions that will allow a robot to think analytically, make decisions, and other things that the human brain is capable of doing. By the end of the 21st century there it is predicted that there will be unlimited possibilities as to the functionality of what artificial intelligence will be like. However, this is just a glimpse as to what things could be like in terms of giving machines the same intelligence as humans.


5. Nanotechnology


 In an effort to create smaller yet more usable technologies one of the many 21st century inventions will be nanotechnology. Although this type of technology will transcend the Earth on a global scale the main field that will feature the several different uses of nanotechnology will be in the medical field. It has been predicted that this specific kind of technology will not only be smaller and easier to use but that it will also have the capability to repair medical issues in the human body as well as playing an important role in the manufacturing of many other items. With this in mind, it only seems fitting that nanotechnology could very well take over every single aspect of life.


4. Human Cloning

Human Cloning

Although this is something that has already been discovered and even tested another one of the 21st century inventions will be human cloning. The tests have already been confirmed that this process is one that has been successfully conducted with the cloning of a sheep, however, that being the case the possibilities are almost endless when the thought occurs that humans can also be cloned. Although this specific discovery is still being expounded upon the idea that humans can be cloned in order to regenerate harmed organs or injured limbs is a possibility that could very well result in the increased longevity of life that has steadily been on the rise. By the end of the 21st century it is predicted that human cloning for medical purposes will be a common sight.


3. Antigravity


Although it may seem a bit unconventional another one of the 21st century inventions by the end of the century is predicted to be antigravity. Despite the fact that some people don’t believe that this invention will be part of the future it is something that cannot be ruled out in terms of being a possibility of ever happening. As a result, antigravity will work through the concept of magnetism with the creation of monopoles. Basically, this will take a magnetic field and allow the magnetic forces to take control when needed such as in transportation. This will be one area that is predicted to be a direct change because there will no longer be wheels. Instead vehicles will fly.


2. Automation


Although there are several 21st century inventions that are said to be coming by the end of this particular century this invention specifically deals with the automation of houses, cars, and even household appliances. What this basically means in regards to the concept of such 21st century inventions is that these things will simply be smart appliances that have the capability of performing any task on command. With the compliance of a personal robot the idea of automation will give humans the freedom to do other things instead of having to deal with household chores and other completed tasks throughout the day. Furthermore, it may even be possible to run an entire system off the concept of automation through a central computer.


1. Hydrogen Powered Cars

 Hydrogen Powered Cars

Although this list is not the end of what 21st century inventions will produce one such invention will be a hydrogen powered car where the combustion engine will be run with electricity. Along with electric cars will come hybrids making gas engines a thing of the past and many other 21st century inventions a look at what the future will be like.

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