Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps

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Are you new to the world of Android smart phones and tablets? Are you struggling to find apps that you will know you like? Maybe you should consider looking at the 10 best paid Android apps. What are they?

One of the most important things to remember is that these are not simply to the top downloaded apps. They are the top paid for apps. These are apps that other have already tried the free version of, and liked so much, that they decided it was worth their investment.

Here is a brief list of the 10 best paid android apps, giving just a few highlights of each of these incredible apps!


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10. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is a great keyboard app that really specializes on tablet keyboards. The keyboards they provide come in a variety of set-ups. They have even recently added an option to use a method of typing that is similar to Swype. Plus, the app comes with multiple themes built in, and more available for download, so you can always make it match the look you want!



9. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an excellent app, but it does have one major drawback. To use the app, you must have root access to your phone. A few quick Internet searches can explain more about what this means. But Titanium Backup will let you backup every app on your phone, and the data that goes with that app. Plus, it allows you to control other parts of individual apps, like how they connect to the Google Play Store.


8. Minecraft

Minecraft app

Minecraft is an excellent game that has risen to rapid fame. With graphics that are far from cutting edge, it still makes things incredibly fun. The game was originally only developed for PC computers, but was later ported to Android. It started with very basic functionality, but has slowly improved to include more and more features. With game play that is truly interactive, this game will never get bored!


7. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is a fantastic app to replace your existing home screen. Android comes with an app built in that shows you icons and widgets on your home screen. This same app also shows all of the apps you have on your phone. But these built in apps usually offer few customization options. This is where Nova Launcher Prime comes in. It offers an incredible amount customization to every aspect of the apps you use every day.


6. Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro is an awesome way to breath new life into your phone. With a selection of widgets that seems never ending, it lets you have instant access to all of the information you need, right from your home screen. Few apps are able to offer the same variety, and high level of quality widgets.


5. Root Explorer

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is arguably one of the best file manager and explorer apps. It is very light weight, especially when compared to other file managers on the market. Like Titanium Backup though, it requires root access to use the most of it’s features. Another app that is made by the same company, has all of the same features. However it is greatly restricted in the folders it can access.


4. Poweramp Full Version

Poweramp Full Version
Poweramp Full Version is a great way to access and control all of your media on your Android smart phone. For those who are familiar with Apples system for syncing media through iTunes onto your device, Poweramp is the app for you! It is a simple and easy way to make sure every song, video and picture on your PC, is also on your device. It allows for an easy transfer of media files, that doesn’t require you to manually go through the painful and complicated process of manually selecting files to be copied to your device.


3. ROM Manager (Premium)

ROM Manager Premium is an upgrade to one of the most useful apps on the entire market. Much like Root Explorer and Titanium Backup that we have already considered, this app requires root access. However, beyond that, it also requires you to be using custom ROMs. A ROM is essentially a customized version of Android that some developers have made and shared on the Internet. Each ROM has its own features and benefits that appeal to different people. For this reason, many people like to change ROMs, especially depending on what particular tools they need. ROM Manager makes a simple and clean user interface to easily switch from one ROM to another.


2. Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted app

Need For Speed Most Wanted is quite possibly one of the most beloved games on Android. Many love the history the Need For Speed line has set up for itself. After many years of producing some of the most cutting edge games for Windows based PCs, it seems only logical that Need For Speed would create games for the Android platform. And create they have! This is their second installment of the Need For Speed line for Android. The game features incredible graphics, and flexible game play. As you move all over the city, from one track to another, the competitors you face will constantly give you new challenges to overcome. As you advance through the game, you build a reputation, but can you truly become the Most Wanted?


1. Swype Keyboard

swype keyboard

Swype Keyboard is quite possibly one of the longest running keyboard programs to exist for Android. But its age has not held it back. Swype continues to be a favorite among old and new Android users alike. Never again will you have to tap out each individual character. Instead, you can slide your finger effortlessly from one key to the next, and watch as Swype miraculously figures out the exact word you want.

Clearly, at least one of the apps should be on your list. They are all the best of the best when it comes to design, interface, and usability. And consider them all an investment. Many of these apps are long running apps that have learned to listen to their followers. They have all continued to grow and develop over several years. The result? They have become the 10 best paid android apps!

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