Top 10 Best Places To Retire

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There are a lot of different places that you can visit and experience in your lifetime, but what about retirement? Many people are looking forward to giving the 40 hour work week the boot and going back to a place where they can rest and enjoy the finer things in life. For many, that means moving away from their locale and staking a claim in one of the top 10 best places to retire.

The list usually gets updated by many magazines annually, so in order to get a good option moving forward, we have decided to focus on a few highlights and perennial favorites. You may disagree, but you will definitely find that these options are well worth looking into for the far future or perhaps the near future for some. Retiring can be grand, especially if you look at the following locations with an open mind.


10. Spokane, Washington

Spokane, Washington


One of the highlights of the northwest is a quiet community that most people don’t really think about, and that’s Spokane. This location is one that has a great amount of options for those that are looking to retire. It features a greatness that you will not find in many other places, specifically low cost of living, cultural events, and serenity from the natural beauty that comes through the mountains and forest areas. It’s also close to many destinations in Idaho, which can be interesting to travel through as well.


9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado


The mountain air may help clear lungs full of the city’s pollution and therefore can create a good sustainable retirement plan. You’ll find that this retirees paradise has views that go for miles thanks to the Rocky Mountains, and Pikes Peak. Not only that, the temperate weather and good overall economy is an attractive thing for those that want a little bit of leisure, mixed with the amenities of a moderately sized city.


8. St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida


Florida is synonymous with people retiring there. The warm weather soothes the ache of arthritis and the many different destination points can be relatively grand. You’ll find that the beaches are beautiful, and the people are friendly. There is a downside every now and again with the hurricanes that could come through, but that’s few and far between. Low cost of living, and a good sized economy, with a great deal of landscape to look at, makes St. Petersburg, Florida an interesting spot to lay a claim in.


7. Asheville, N.C.

Asheville, N.C.


With a population of around 84,000 this smaller community is a perfect place to live for those that are of retirement age. The cost of living is very low, the people are friendly, and this has been a perennial favorite amongst lists that gauge retirement on a lot of different levels. You will not go wrong with this option, especially if you like the great outdoors. Right next to the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will gain a sense of serenity and culture all rolled into one.


6. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas


Texas is one of the places that gets a lot of people moving forward to live, and it’s perhaps the fact that the cost of living is low, the stars are bright and the steaks are huge. San Antonio is a great place with roughly 1.2 million people living throughout the area, and with a great number of them of retirement age. No state income tax, low home prices, and a great deal of military bases can help this spot garner a lot of commitment from those that want a nice place to live during their golden years.


5. King of Prussia, Pa.

King of Prussia, Pa.


For the retirees that want to go somewhere secluded, but within a stone’s throw from everything that they could want as far as entertainment, shopping and more. This Delaware Valley hotspot is home to a great number of seniors already, so moving there becomes a very interesting option. Perhaps the best thing of all is that the state lottery proceeds go to benefit seniors.


4. Branson, Mo.

Branson, Mo.


Another option that seems to get a lot of attention today is that of Branson. This small spot has a great deal of tourists going through and it has a vibe that is very much akin to what you would expect for seniors. Small, tight knit, and plenty of things to see if you want to look at kitschy things. The lakes are what attracts many, as it can prove to be quite relaxing.


3. Providence, R.I.

Providence, R.I.


Rhode Island may not sound appealing at first glance, but the median house prices are low, the population isn’t quite that large and the amount of retirees flocking to this location is starting to grow. The area is a backdrop for the Ivy League educational front and could be something that can entice even the harshest of critics. The area offers an incredible array of culture in a small locale.


2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is something unique about Las Vegas, and it’s not the gambling and entertainment. Those things are definitely highlights for those that are going to traverse that way. Just outside of the strip, there are amazing real estate options that will impress just about anyone. You’ll find that the glory of this place really is an interesting one, because with a price to income ratio that is low, anyone can retire with relative ease. The warm weather and tourism is just a starting point for retirees.


1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Fort Lauderdale is perhaps one of the best places that you can venture forward to live if you’re seeking a retirement spot that has everything. From great weather, to beautiful waters, and health care in a backdrop of one of the premier spots for relaxation and exploration. You will not go wrong with this spot, as it has been at the number one spot for those that seek a retirement option that is not only affordable, but definitely worth investigating.

The above retirement solutions are just some of the better known options in the United States. There are a significant amount of options to consider, and of course each year different options end up getting on top 10 lists.

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